• Width : 45mm for 32A, 55mm for 63A and 70mm for 100A
  • Three position operator: ON-OFF-TRIP
  • Complete range of common accessories
  • Handle lock in the OFF position
  • Class 10, 20 overload trip characteristics
  • Trip test available
  • Finger safe terminal
  • DIN rail & Screw mounting


  • Meta-MEC MMSs are suitable for switching and protecting three-phase induction motors of up to 45kW at 400VAC and for loads with rated currents of up to 100A.


  • MMS32S, MMS32H, MMS63S, MMS63H, MMS100S, MMS100H


  • It covers all ratings up to 100A.


  • Protection of group installation
  • Protection of circuits
  • Motor protection & Starter protection
  • Wide range of ambient temperature compensation
  • Phase failure protection


  • The components fulfill the international standard IEC 60947.
  • In U.S, the devices can be used as Manual Motor Starter in Group Installations according UL508. The approval for UL508 Type E Combination Starter is under preparation.

Design concept for user’s efficiency

  • Dial cover for current setting, cover lock device, large scale letter
  • Identification label
  • Handle lock function in OFF position & Three position handle
  • Trip test device
  • Insulation barrier

Mounting & Connection

  • Terminals
  • 35mm/75mm din-rail standard mounting & screw mounting
  • Finger safe terminal cover
  • Direct adapter (Connection kit with mini Magnetic Contactor)


  • Front mounting auxiliary switch
  • Side mounting auxiliary switch
  • Side mounting alarm switch
  • Side mounting shunt release
  • Side mounting undervoltage release
  • Side mounting undervoltage release with 2NO switch)